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I enjoy fantasy and science fiction. I strive to create art that is appropriate for all age groups. I also really like painting modest women in these genres. -

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Today I'm going for original sounding titles. This is a little dragon I drew for Shane's "Character Design" class. It was an awesome class, though 76% of the students never came.

Head Drawing

I drew this in Casey Nelson's Life Drawing class. Casey is a really great teacher, but more importantly she's fun. When I entered her class I only wanted to draw WITH the form, but she threatened me until I agreed to draw ACROSS the form.

I love drawing facial expressions. This model had a particularly intense gaze, though most people think she looks angry. I don't know which it is, as I was too afraid to ask.

I'll put up more life drawings in the future sometime. They're all on 18x24" newsprint, so I'll try to do it before they crumble into dust.

Jimmy the Fish

He has sharp teeth.

Mantis Alien

I've always thought it would be much easier to brush my teeth if they were exposed like that.
This drawing is a good example of the kind of things I imagined as a child.

Life Drawing

This is a life drawing I did with a ballpoint pen. I like drawing with ballpoint because of the halftones and modeling of form that are so much more difficult to achieve in india ink.

The Pretty Sister

I've always loved Greek mythology. This is the one-millionth picture I've drawn of Medusa.
I hope you appreciate the danger I put myself in to draw this.
I was inspired by the incredible work of Ben Caldwell.

If you haven't yet purchased his books
"Fantasy! Cartooning" or "Action! Cartooning" I highly recommend that you do so immediately.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Ok, I'm finally creating a blog. Thank you for inviting me to join Toon Club!