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I enjoy fantasy and science fiction. I strive to create art that is appropriate for all age groups. I also really like painting modest women in these genres. -

Monday, November 20, 2006

Shadow of the Wolf

Summer of the Brides

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Stereotypical Villain

An original title for an original concept.


This is a sketch I did...the first ever "Fan Art" I've ever done! I gave the original to James Christensen. I really love the symbols and metaphors in his work, as well as the precision in his paint technique.


This is a drawing I did for an "Anamorphic" assignment for Ryan Woodward's class. I'd like to redraw it paying better attention to line quality, but I really like the proportions and attitude.

Space Cadet

This is acrylic on illustration board. I'm finally getting used to acrylic - mostly able to tolerate it because of the fast drying time.
The original is owned by Joe Chiodo.


Futuristic Hockey Goalie. Inspired by my intern provider, Daniel Horne. No, it doesn't look anything like him, and no, he doesn't like guns, but hey, the body armor is somewhat reminiscent of hockey padding, so there you go!


I was using the silhouette approach from the book "The Skillful Huntsman." That is an incredible book.


I was trying to create a "villianess" with this drawing. I really need lessons on how to make someone look evil. I guess it's pretty bad that she might kill you with second-hand smoke.

Joan of Arc

I've always liked the story of Joan of Arc. One of these days I'll do a contemporary Joan of Arc painting. She'll have a fully-automatic rifle. Sa-weet.

She's number 41 (and no, I don't know where the previous 40 went). It's important to wear high heels in tactical situations, obviously.