Duck Soup

I enjoy fantasy and science fiction. I strive to create art that is appropriate for all age groups. I also really like painting modest women in these genres. -

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Picnic Spot

The title says it all.

The Swampmaid

She appears from the depths to drag her prey to a watery grave. My wife came up with the concept for this. Thanks, Honey!

Wealth Makes People Important and Good

Here's good ol' Paris Hilton. I was feeling particularly witty when I drew this, so I made here wings out o' money, and put a crooked halo superficially attached to the back of her head.

Nestor Emerges

This is a character from my friend, Dea Lund's book. This is merely one of the many awesome antagonists she created. He's a bloodthirsty porcupine (figuratively speaking). I hope to illustrate one of her books someday.
This painting was done with acrylics on illustration board. I hate acrylics. When I mix colors it always ends up looking like mud. One of these days I'll take it easy on myself and just paint a picture of mud -- the colors will be dead-on. Speaking of acrylics, I'd like to write a book about them someday; it will be called "Painting with Plastic."
Oils are beautiful and luminous, and have the consistency of warm butter. If they weren't toxic I'm sure they'd taste good, too. What more could anybody ask?


I think tough women are awesome! Joan of Arc, Hippolyta, Athena, Atalanta, the list goes on. Here's a nod to Norse mythology. Gregory Manchess owns the original.